005.2209* Logo Painter’s Smocks with Dual Pockets (Burgundy Red)

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Artist Wear Logo
A Studio X
2-pocket step up

Painters’ Smocks

Protect your clothes, protect your art, and release the inner painter.  Artist Wear’s 2 pocket Painter’s Smocks allow the everyday novice to step up their art.

Artist Wear’s 2 pocket design Painter’s Smocks are perfect for holding keeping the tools for your artistry close to hand.

Artist Wear’s Painter’s Smocks are used by the serious painters to the causal painter for relaxation.  Artist Wear are useful in everyday living from kitchen work to a chef apron.

Artist Wear “2 Pocket Smocks” features:

  • Easy care and absorbent fabric
  • Durable, long lasting 100% Spun-polyester
  • 31 in. L X 27 in. W with 40 in. ties
  • Overhead comfortable straps
  • One Size fits most adults

Additional information

Weight 1.12 oz
Dimensions 36 × 40 × 15 in


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